Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Car Sale Agreement Letter Court Issue Over A Car That Was A Gift!?

Court issue over a car that was a gift!? - car sale agreement letter

My ex, my father gave your old car with a purchase agreement indicates that it was a gift, and she does not want the money back and I have the original. She gave it to me, because I have a driving license. We went to small claims court, because thousands of dollars for the car and I lost! In Ofcource going to appeal the case but she wrote a letter and a symbol of our daycare lady said that I said I would give him the money for the car to be BS. The judge was old and tired and it was stupid and not really understand our case, for a start, and we were the last event of the day. There were Wittness there. Why would win? She said it was an oral agreement.

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