Saturday, December 12, 2009

Wayne J. Sheldon Pilot REPOST: Trade Reggie Wayne For J. Addai And Felix Jones?

REPOST: Trade Reggie Wayne for J. Addai and Felix Jones? - wayne j. sheldon pilot

I'm in a league of 10 men, no points for receptions, 4 points for touchdowns, and it is a flexible position.

A man in my league is desperate for a WR and I was offered Addai and Felix Jones for Reggie Wayne. I have a trade in McNabb, and Palmer, because I lost Colston. So, now I have perhaps the two best WR ... A and Wayne .... and in 4-6 weeks I'm back Coslton.

My concern is my RB depth, I have LT, MJD, E. Graham, C. Perry, P. Thomas. I am a little worried about Jones-Drew (lost 3 of his men on the line O-), Addai is a top 10 RB Felix Jones and I just want to add more depth.

So, what do you have a recommendation for my team in general, "stronger"? I propose the useful 10 points. Thank you!
My team ..

QB-Warner, Palmer, Cassel,
RB-LT, Jones-Drew, Graham Perry
WR-A, Wayne, Colston (injured), Harrison,

(I have just violated a trade for TO and Colston was Palmer After giving McNabb and Chris Chambers)

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