Monday, December 7, 2009

Epilepsy Causes More Condition_symptoms Can Epilepsy Cause Someone To Withdraw From Intimate Contact?

Can epilepsy cause someone to withdraw from intimate contact? - epilepsy causes more condition_symptoms

My friend has epilepsy since childhood. Several years ago he suffered a grand mal seizure. Now he is in his late 40s years. Is it possible that it withdraw from intimate contact, or other signs of affection?


  1. Not sure. I would say that epilepsy itself is not done, but after all these years could have a negative mention on their self-esteem, shame, not to mention very upsetting and frightening.

    It seems that I once read that people with epilepsy are more prone to depression, and so he could be.

  2. Maybe. There are a lot of stigma with epilepsy, even today. There is no way to know exactly how he has raised.

  3. Now I am 40 years old and made before that some people with epilepsy differ from others. Epilepsy occurred to me when I was 22 years old and I lost many friends around just Did'nt like to me because they thought he was contagious, but I told them I could not. I have never been depressed, but I would thought it was because I thought it. I always wanted to date, but when the ladies that I knew I had epilepsy, may not want to date. I'm afraid that did not show signs of affection, I acted normal people and people with whom I worked, told me it was great, I will not let me. I'm now free for 9 years, but I'm still on medication, talk to people who suffer from epilepsy and tell them not to hide or be ashamed, because they are human and can not help it if you to leave a disability and do only what they like and do not be afraid, not because they have left.