Saturday, February 13, 2010

Alica Rhodes Will Monday Night RAW Ever Look Like A Good Roster Again?

Will Monday Night RAW ever look like a good roster again? - alica rhodes

Raw list should be that .........

Batista [WWE World Tag Team Champion w / Triple HHH]
Big Show [Intercontinental Champion]
Carlito [Tag Team w / Chris Masters]
Chavo [Trade ECW / Bring Belt cruise falling in manufacturing ECW Champion]
Chris Masters [Tag Team W / Carlt]
Cody Rhodes [Tag Team w / Ted DiBiase]
Evan Bourne [trade ECW]
Festus [Trade / Press]
Hagsaw Jim Duggan [Retirement or Release]
Hornswoggle [Trade / press / Administrator]
Jack Swagger [Rivary w / MVP]
Jamie Noble [Trade ECW encourage you to have a series of victories / Release]
Jerry Lawler [Outside Ring Announcer]
John Cena [Rivary w / Randy Orton]
Kofi Kingston [Trade ECW]
Mark Henry [WWE Champion]
Michael Cole [Outside Ring Announcer]
MVP [W Rivary / Jack Swagger]
Mr.McMahon [WWE President]
Primo [Trade Smackdown / ECW]
Randy Orton [Rivary w / John Cena]
Santino Marella [realeased]
Shawn Michaels [retire WrestleMainia]
Ted DiBiase [team with Cody Rhodes]
Triple HHH [Tag Team Champion w / Batista]

Alica Fox
Beth Phoenix
Gail Kim
Kelly Kelly
Lillian [Ring Announcer]
Maryse [Women's Champion]
Mickie James
Rosa Mendes


  1. This seems an excellent list of Raw Superstars Divas.Maybe talented and charismatic, you have to write the stories in the WWE!

  2. Not release Santino!

  3. This is a very sweet list