Thursday, February 4, 2010

Real Small Viginas Do Republicans Really Think You Hav To Have A Personal Incom Of$250,000ormore To Countasa Real Small Business?

Do Republicans really think you hav to have a personal incom of$250,000ormore to countasa real small business? - real small viginas

Do you really think the Republicans have include a personal income of $ 250,000 or more as a real small business owner?


  1. Here is a warning: Many, many companies are small companies that our own government, the millions of dollars in annual sales. So, yes, to answer your question.


    Examples of the table SBA Small Business Size Standards setting maximum average annual industry that can have a business and still be classified as a small business:

    The agricultural production of all types - $ 750,000
    Animal production except for cattle and chicken / eggs - $ 750,000
    Feedlot cattle - 2.5 million
    Chicken / egg production - 12.5 million
    Forestry and Forest Products - $ 7M
    Fishing - $ 4M
    Irrigation, sewage, water supplies - $ 7M
    Housing - $ 33.5 million
    Civil Works - 33.5 million
    Dredging and cleanup - $ 20M
    Concrete frames and other housing contractors - $ 14M
    Car dealers - $ 23-29M
    Recreativo, motorcycles, boats, and dealers - $ 7M
    Furniture, appliances, clothing and sporting goods stores - $ 7M
    Electronics stores$ 9M
    Supermarkets, gas stations and stores - 27 million
    Pharmacies - $ 7M

    In addition, most industries in the table - such as producers of food, beverages, clothing, sheets, oil / gas, plastics, piping, machinery, computers, electronics, electrical engineering, transportation and furniture - as a small business based on their Total number of employees instead of average annual income. In industries, the cut between the rows of small and large companies 500-1,000 employees per business and industry.

    It's hard for me to imagine a company (not to mention 50 or more employees, 500-1000), who earns less than $ 250,000 per year. And, given the SBA definitions of "small businesses", it seems likely that they deserve a lot of small businesses in a wide range of industries for more than $ 250,000 per year.

    If so, it is surprising that Obama would mean that, if president, a small percentage of companies with more than $ 250,000 per year for higher taxes under his tax cut plan. ...

  2. No, and no one said or implied. So stupid to destroy the straw man.

    But will the vast majority of jobs created by small businesses, small businesses whose income exceeds this number.

    Most small businesses, the income level does not employ many people.

    I thought I could use a trace. I have many extras.

  3. Huh? What's you formulate your question.

    In addition, do not fall into the trap of believing that have high-income Republicans and Democrats on low incomes. At least 1 / 2 of the bankers are the liberals, as the market for hedge-fund shares.

    Almost all of the highest paid actors in Hollywood and the producers are the Democrats, the foundation of the Kennedy family is very rich, as John Kerry and Jay Rockefeller is so.

    There is a common belief that the "rich" means to Republicans, Democrats, speaks not only of points, and is completely false.

  4. Not at all. I had a small business (restaurant) for over 15 years and never more than 75K profit in my best years. It took 7 years for this amount. This does not happen overnight.

    However, when gas prices rose last year to have my food costs since the cost given to me was the height. So, what should I do? I had to raise my prices in a recession. Profits have fallen in the service of my employees has more money than I do. (good for them!) is not worth the risk, time and anxiety, so I sold my equipment and closed.

    If Obama raises corporate tax, which the majority of all small businesses affected, buy the products from external suppliers. Please do not be fooled.

    ** BTW, I employ 20 people.