Monday, February 1, 2010

My Rabbit Stopped Eating How Can I Stop My Rabbit From Eating Cables Around The House?

How can I stop my rabbit from eating cables around the house? - my rabbit stopped eating

I do not want my rabbit is kept outside, but may, if he ceases to eat, all the cables are forced around the house! Obviously trying to keep herself from him, but that is not possible Somtimes.


  1. First, try eucalyptus oil.
    Not cheap, a bottle of oil 100% EUC and use a cotton swab to apply all the cables, the edges of the curtains and all that he / she is chewing. You need to practice every year in that week.
    If that fails, go to your local store and ask what products they have. Looking for an explosion of bitter lemon or something.
    Third, try to terminate your access to rabbits cable block, with a barrier, the son, until the top of the wall or something.

    More importantly, it seems that your rabbit get bored. Is he / she has to play toys. Rabbits love to throw things, small stuffed animals, toys from various, if the string can chew. Try Youth entertainment in the form of boxes, trays of sand to dig, egg cartons and chewing supply timber.
    Your pet may have something suitable, but many businesses do not respond to pet small animals. Bird toys are also likely to scewers especially fruit, which one with carrots and other benefits they bring to different places around the house.
    There are many places online where you can buy these toys well.

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