Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Cervix Smooth B4 Period Im 25wks And My Belly Has Dropped Help Me?

Im 25wks and my belly has dropped help me? - cervix smooth b4 period

In 25wks pregnant with my has 3 children and my stomach fell wk.i INA 2.On always due date.this with my other children born in another 35wks and 4 days b4 you are a child and the pregnancy easily sailed except that I have a shorter neck and instant messaging will not do if I get sick 2 34wks.b4 prematurity left, then went 3 days later Went Wrong Braxton Hicks finished with 2 days, followed by the INA.
Starting with the baby, so early.plz higher risk of using IM to help me with advice

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  1. You may have entered the phase of emergency go to the doctor, especially if any way or feeling the baby fall in May