Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Recovering Furniture Blogspot What Should I Do With This Neighbor Of Mine From Norway.?

What should i do with this neighbor of mine from norway.? - recovering furniture blogspot

he asked our help to fund it in the things they need, while in the HES Phils to stay, too. Accounts that food for almost all functional areas of the hospital. promised to pay when he got his money. Months have passed economically returned yet again to a point in time. and said he does not pay. I said that we need to solve this in court. However, he refused.
A month ago he came with a daughter and a truck. equipment and furniture should come into the house, could not do that, because the person who will buy these things, my grandfather.
They made an agreement that the Norwegian pay the exact amount of things, so you can claim it. However, they still manage to make some things and not knowing.
From now on is communication,ng with us. But recently I found say a blogspot that their neighbors were robbed, and there was this man in Norway.
this type also have many questions about the abuse of girls here in the Phils. na HES not paid his maid

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