Saturday, January 9, 2010

Ducorps Cockatoo Cockatoo Experts! Do I Have This Right?

Cockatoo experts! Do I have this right? - ducorps cockatoo

I really want a cockatoo ducorpsii. I read that until about 9 months and always fed in such a warm, soft foods or twice a day. This is, after they are weaned to a normal diet, but they are slow to mature? So you do not have to ask a spoonful of cream of wheat or oats and night, until you again? Am I right?


  1. My Umbrella is 10 and they will attack you to get a shot of baby foods. She loves the area.

    I love oatmeal in the Moluccas and eat as often as he did.

    An important part of any diet of birds to moderation and variety of fruits and vegetables. If you are him / her oats, and if the bird likes - I recommend a treatment once a week.

  2. My first question is: How many birds? The second question is: Do you have a human baby? Not all human baby diapers at 18 months. Not all children will spit the dummy is that never have time. A cockatoo is the greatest difficulty in birds and self-destruction, to the point of the meat is very, if they do not get what they need the parents. My suggestion, before a cockatoo to find accommodation or to save, so that the results of what happens if something goes wrong, you can see. Your nearest veterinary society or bird flu will be many places where you can volunteer or just go out. In fact, save macaws, cockatoos and are rich in business and protection. They are strong, are in need, and can cause painful lesions to the owner who has no knowledge of the administration. One thing to want for their beauty, it's another to understand and live with them.