Monday, January 25, 2010

Yahoo Messenger Sluts Please Help Me..what Shall I Do?

Please help me..what shall i do? - yahoo messenger sluts

I am 23 and have two years relationship with someone of the same age group. 3 months ago I found porn sites on my PC BF where you live makes sex on the Internet ( 's "History"). I showed him. He said he did not do anything because this site was that I had to pay for things.He told me that he loves me ... I have forgiven him, as he promised he would never do it again. Today I have discovered tha t a Skype account, and Yahoo Messenger, and create contacted ... bitches! He told me it was out of curiosity, just for tonight. He said it would delete the accounts. I have forgiven him again. But no, I feel the same. Sth Me.What defects inside I do? Please help me!


  1. Well, what is not his confidence and ingenuity. It took some confidence from his relationship with a little romance.

    I do not know what motivated him to seek sex outside their relationship. But they are strictly necessary. That's good, but you are looking in the wrong place for answers. If sex are "real" not satisfied, then you have to decide whether this type of relationship to have him, and if not accepted, what kind of relationship.

    I see their major problems such as lack of respect for you ( 's that you say), his miscalculation of the female personality (pornography is demeaning to female sexuality and independence) and their desire to create lifestyle secret that agrees with your lifestyle.

    You can try to escape the limitations of their relationship was forced, A.

    :-D you have a deep reflection. The key to your inner thoughts are helpful to you, what kind of relationship they were in May and want to decide. Select wisEly!

  2. Well, unfortunately, is not likely to change without) is not much support (neccisarily. There is nothing you can do about it. Porn is very addictive, as many men penalty. My best suggestion is to really seek the advice of Christ / Christian speaks from experience, because that is the only way to overcome addiction and repair every relationship.

  3. aweful is what you do with it what you must do the talking, is not right that deserves to be treated like a star by it. You need to tell the star and his star just that I fear what he does and is worried for him and what he does. Tell him you love him, but he is confused. not a fight cuz then to a terrible disaster. Good luck! :)

  4. Sounds like a problem. Should probably wise to it and after the treatment you like this, we must break. Finally, the communication in a relationship is important and dishonesty is not good, unless the service of a noble cause.

  5. Why is forgiveness of these stupid acts? This guy obviously is not you deserve. It feels uncomfortable because he wants with you for two years and meet the other girl next to you. A man like you does not deserve. To end your relationship with him, because when you forgive, you will lose him and his heart.

  6. It sounds as if it was linked to these pages, you can not do anything, we could see if I wanted to go to therapy does not, probably, others may choose whether to continue the relationship,,,

  7. Well, it is, and he is addicted to porn and other women.

    And he wants him to travel for what reasons?

    Self-esteem, courage and bravery.

    You would do better honey on your own.

    It seems that not a person of good character and have integrity ....