Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Fish How Many Eggs How Many Eggs Per Week Is Ok For A Person To Eat Who Does Not Eat Fish Or Meat?

How many eggs per week is ok for a person to eat who does not eat fish or meat? - fish how many eggs

I do not eat any meat or fish to eat rare (maybe once or twice a month). I have a glass of milk daily. How many eggs can I eat per week? I love eating eggs and now one days. Okay?


  1. I think a balanced diet can equally between 6 weeks. But when the protein is not preserved meat, so I think it is more than consolation. But when I see who you id is a nutritionist. just to be sure.

  2. one days is fine and you can not eat meat in their diet to get enough protein or amino acids are all getting tired and feels fast. You omega three eggs amino acids at Walmart and eat more nuts for protein, otherwise go to bed, turn tired eyes, hair and nails, gross