Friday, January 22, 2010

Miotosis And Milena Velba What Is The Key Difference Between Mitosis In Plant Cells And Miotosis In Animal Cells?

What is the key difference between mitosis in plant cells and miotosis in animal cells? - miotosis and milena velba

What is the difference between mitosis in plant cells and animal cells in miotosis?
a. The chromosomes are not there during interphase in plant cells
b. Results of animal cells into 2 daughter cells miotosis produced miotosis Appendix 3
c. the two daughter cells are formed in miotosis plant cells are not genetically identical
d. Cell plate forms during miotosis in plant cells

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  1. The answer is D. Plant cells form the cell plate during cytokinesis, whereas animal cells pinch in two by the train path allocation.