Sunday, January 3, 2010

Security Yard Signs Is Platinum Protection, (home Security), A Legitimate Company? If So, Why Do They Use “hard” Sale Tactics?

Is Platinum Protection, (home security), a legitimate company? If so, why do they use "hard" sale tactics? - security yard signs

When I came home from work today, my family, a high pressure sales field protection of platinum.

The seller was in the early '20s and said he was from Idaho and was visiting in our area for the sale of this wonderful system of home security. Please enter your screen in our backyard for 3 years, then everything would be free, only for the speed of only $ 1.42 per day. He said: "Our society does not want to pay for the service, but we govern."

I listened for several minutes and was disgusted with a turnover game. I told him that we were not interested and leave my house. Ignored me and continued talking to my wife.

Once again, asked him to leave my house. Then he made his order and said if my wife sign that the system now could not be installed.

I told the idiot to leave you with some information with us, but we need them for a few days to consider. Much to his chagrin - Cont.

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