Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Patent Application Form Check The Patent Format?

Check the patent format? - patent application form

ok .... This is my patent application .... I do not have, of course, all confidential documents, my technique, but pls can u see the rest?
The free energy ... Title of the Invention
Technical Field of the Invention
This invention relates to the power source with a first entry. In general, the result of that entry. The invention also defies the law of conservation of energy.

Technical Edge
This invention was not made, however, to "produce" energy than the present invention. Until now, the issue of energy is required to only one form to another, it means that this machine requires fewer inputs to produce it.

Summary of the Invention
Since the invention requires less drive power, but offers more power, it can replace most of the known sources of energy.

Brief Description ... I can not say that u

Detailed Description ... I can say


A machine that removes the "law of conservation of energy" with the help of ********* or its laws.

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  1. This proposal was chosen over many years, and there are books on how to do this "concept of free energy." Please try to build a working model to find a bug in the device before the patent the idea. It is unknown dangers.
    Spartawo ...